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About Studying with Jane

Jane Seaman's International Voice Studio Welcomes You,   Wherever You Are!


Private Vocal Technique for Musical Theatre

With her classical training and Broadway experience, Jane specializes in “cross-over” technique.
Belters become more adept at using their mix and head voice registrations. “Legit” voices (classically trained singers) learn to use their mix voice with a more commercial belt/chest register production. We work a lot to engage the natural speaking mechanism.
If a beginner singer, we may start with some classical Italian art songs, to strengthen the upper register. Students will be assigned songs both to improve their technique AND for their repertoire books for auditions. Singing lessons focus on coordinating muscle strength and agility in the throat and larynx (voice box) and learning breath support to stabilize the mechanism, making a fully resonant tone, without muscular tension.

Group Performance Workshops and Master Classes 

Singing Audition Workshops are generally 6 to 8 weeks, ending in a performance Showcase. Adaptations have been made since March, 2020, and a first in-person group class resumed in July, 2021, using all safe practices.

Several online Showcases were held, and a Master Class on zoom with MOULIN ROUGE'S Ricky Rojas, in November, 2020.

The Broadway Experience Master Classes with young performers from Australia and New Zealand will resume when full world safe travel is available. These classes, organized by Jane in NYC/Ripley-Grier Studios since 2001, offer Broadway guest star speakers, and a window into the rigorous training required to be a musical theatre performer.

Teaching Philosophy

Watching a talent unfold, whether young or old, is my greatest joy as a singing teacher. My gift is to help a singer find their authentic voice, free of tension and able to express the emotions in whatever style repertoire they choose.
Confidence is our most cherished goal.

Studio Policies

Until further notice, most lessons are given online via various platforms, which are compatible with your electronics.

Beth Fowler, Tony Nominee

Student Testimonials


"It's thrilling to discover how much more of my voice I can explore with Jane guiding me. After fifty years of singing professionally,I'm freshly motivated by her enthusiasm, her perceptive observations and huge inventory of skills!"

     --Beth Fowler, Tony Nominee

"My voice always feels strong and effortless after I finish a lesson with Jane. Her knowledge of music has helped me build my repertoire, which has left me more than prepared for auditions." 

     --Hayley Podschun, Broadway Triple Threat

Student Hayley Podschun as Glinda in WICKED National Tour

More Student Testimonials



"I can't do without my weekly sessions with Jane! She supports me in every way: my voice is soaring!"

--TracyLynn Conner, Musical Theatre Leading Actress

"I would say that Ms. Seaman is a fun teacher. She's the best music teacher!"

--Matthew Issac, age 11

"Jane is a JOY! to work with. She takes the time to meet her students' specific needs."

--Max Tartaglia, age 23, MMC graduate

"As a teacher, Jane is Wonderful. Generous. Kind. Thoughtful. Giving. Precious. Golden Soul."

--Debi Toni, AEA, SAG- AFTRA actress


As a teacher, mentor, director, actress (and mother!), I have learned to have faith and believe in the light within. Have faith in yourself, and find someone to guide you. I have been privileged to guide all ages and abilities, from Broadway's stars to darling children just starting their journey. Helping others  achieve their goals gives me great joy! 


Sincerely, Jane Seaman

Student Hayley Podschun as Glinda in WICKED National Tour
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