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THEATRE: Broadway/National Tours

The Sound of Music    Baroness w/Marie Osmond  

The Secret Garden      Medlock u/s, w/Mandy Patinkin

Anything Goes            Erma, Mrs. Harcourt u/s-perf w/Patti LuPone

Big River                    Ms. Watson/Wid. Douglas, Des McAnuff

Man of La Mancha      Antonia/Belly Dancer/Aldonza u/s 

                               w/Richard Kiley, Albert Marre, Dir.


Grease .                   Miss Lynch             The York Theatre (3/20)

Sycamore St Kite Flying Club. Kate opposite John Rubinstein

Elegies for Angels,Punks and Raging Queens.  Grandma

                                                            Bill Russell, Dir.   

Romeo and Juliette       Lady Montague        Hudson W.T.

We're Still Hot!           Zsuzsu Herendy       St. Luke's Theatre

American Rhapsody     K.T. Sullivan stndby   The Triad Theatre

Street Scene               Anna Maurrant         ELT

Follies                        Carlotta                  AMT San Jose

Carousel                    Cousin Nettie          Maine State

Cabaret                      Fraulein Kost          N. Shore MT  


Devil's Advocate          Featured Juror w/Keanu Reeves

The Animal Room         Principal w/Neil Patrick Harris

The Young & Restless     Day Player w/Peter Bergman

Another World             Recurring Socialite

Murphy Brown             Featured

America's Most Wanted Guest Star

Music at the Mansion July 17, '21 2021.JPG


Epsicopal Actors Guild, solo benefit concert w/Larry Yurman 6/13/22

Music at the Mansion, Solo Show with Larry Yurman, 7/17/21

Fairleigh Dickinson U., Annual Faculty Concert, soloist, 2018-21

Juilliard Reunion Concert, Church of the Little Flower, D.C. 5/20/18

Reading Symphony Concert, Soloist, Reading, PA, 2/14/18

EAG poster solo concert June 13 2022.png
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